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Services and Solutions


  • We listen to identify your dreams and goals 
  • We gather, organize and analyze your financial information
  • We make recommendations based upon your needs


  • We agree upon clear objectives and risk expectations
  • We monitor your investments and track the progress
  • We refine and revise along the way


  • We offer investment strategies with downside protection for unpredictable markets
  • We offer insurance solutions which are an important foundation to all financial plans
  • We assist you with creating a legacy for future generations
  • We help protect your family from life’s unexpected challenges

Services we provide:

  • Online investments/ Wealthsimple
  • Tactical Money Management
  • Investments
  • Retirement Plans
  • Insurance
  • Employee Benefits

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Wealth Simple/ Online Investing

Wealthsimple GVCA 2018 from Global View Capital Advisors on Vimeo.

What is your ideal way of saving and investing?

  • Have you ever told yourself you're going to start saving for your future, but just never got around to it or found the time to even look into it?
  • Or--have you ever wanted to get started, but found the subject confusing, perhaps even intimidating?
  • Or--are you looking for another way to grow your emergency fund, but don't know of any way to do that other than just your local bank?
  • Or, what if you're already a seasoned investor looking to further diversify your portfolio--would you want access to the latest technology that puts you at the forefront of what other smart and savvy investors are already doing?

What if you can do all of this, all while keeping things as simple as possible, costs low and your overall experience favorable and positive?

Enter Wealthsimple.

Wealthsimple is a pioneer in the robo-advisory field.  Launched in 2014, they now account for over 75% of Canada's online advisor space and recently launched in the US and UK.

Wealthsimple prioritizes user-friendly design and paperless onboarding for clients of all agesThey've been widely covered by Canada's Business News NetworkThe Globe and Mail and CBC, among others, as the one to watch in this space. 

We recently struck an agreement with Wealthsimple in a unique partnership to offer the utmost value to you, which now allows us to reach more people than ever before.  

Creating an account takes no more than 10 minutes.  That's all it takes.  Click here to create your account now. In summary, here is how saving and investing has evolved for our clients:

Tactical Money Management 

It's easy to feel confident in your investments when the markets are going up and you're making money. But what happens if the market declines? Is there anything we can do? In an actively managed account your money is watched over and has drawdown (market decline) protection. Look at the difference between the gray line, the S&P 500, which goes up and down as the market moves, and the blue line, the tactically managed account, which is pulled out of the market and moved to cash when the market declines. The effect is compounding: 

Let's look at it another way. The first graphic below shows $10,000 with 12% annual interest compounding for 44 years; the second shows how much effect a 50% loss has on your investment even if it only happens once every 12 years:


Investing Basics

  • 51% of Americans are putting off investment decisions
  • $400/month is the average retirement income from retirement savings


Investing is just an effective way to save better. It can help with your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. Making good saving habits now leads to saving more money. The small seeds you plant will grow bigger the longer you let them grow.

Downside Protection

Downside Protection

Life is good when the account balance is going up but we can help protect against the downside too! Actively managed accounts are adjusted continually and can help minimize losses in a down market. 

What is a fiduciary?

What is a fiduciary?

Fiduciary (n): A relationship where a client trusts another person or entity to act in the best interest of the client at all times.

The word fiduciary applies to any situation in which one person justifiably places confidence in someone else and seeks that person's help or advice in some matter.

Retirement Plans

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare can be one of the biggest retirement costs!

A survey found since 2005 healthcare costs for a couple has risen 29%. It is important to plan for supplemental heath plans. Also, remember to plan for extended care since about 70% of people who turn 65 will need some type of extended care.



Your retirement years may also be a longer part of your life than anticipated.

67% of today's workers expect to keep working after they retire. However, only 23% of retirees actually remain main working.

Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations

Perhaps the biggest trap to avoid on your journey is that of unrealistic expectations.

Retirement, like the rest of your life, will be full of changes, challenges, and opportunities. Preparing yourself mentally and financially can help pave a clear path so you can enjoy all the adventures that lie ahead.

Market Volatility

Market Volatility

Market volatility is inevitable.

Changing interest rates, global developments, even investor psychology can cause markets to move higher or lower in uncertain times, it can be tempting to react out of fear. However, a balanced portfolio that reflects your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon can help you weather market volatility while still taking advantage of opportunities. 


Reviewing your current income and spending habits. Reviewing gives you a good indication about your spending in retirement. It helps determine if your financial goals are realistic.


Analyze your net worth. It will identify:

Long term debts which may not be paid off prior to retirement

Assets available to meet your retirement needs


Identify and prioritize:

            What you want to do in retirement

            What legacy (if any) you want to leave after you are gone

            Issues in later years--providing for a spouse after death, living longer than expected and needing care as you become frail.


If you currently have a retirement shortfall, we can discuss ways to minimize or eliminate it now! Allow us to learn about you and your family and help you plan well for the future.


What is life insurance? What are the basics? Do I need it?

  • Essentially, life insurance protects your family in case of disability or death
  • You can buy a predetermined amount of insurance, to be paid out to beneficiaries if you die
  • Beneficiaries can use it to pay off debt, or even stop working to take care of dependent children

The Insurance Barometer Says:

43% of Americans said their would feel the financial impact of the death of the primary bread winner in 6 months or less, with 29% saying it would only take one month for them to be in financial trouble. 

                                                                                                                    Image result for insurance barometer says

Cost is the reason most Americans give for not owning life insurance, yet 80% of consumers misjudge the price for term life insurance, with Millennials overestimating the cost by 213% and Gen Xers overestimating the cost by 119%. 

Term Insurance

  • Lasts only a set amount of time; expires if you do not pass away in that window
  • Normally, for those with great life insurance needs that diminishes over time
  • Typically very inexpensive to purchase

Permanent Insurance

  • Lasts your whole life; receive a death benefit no matter when you die
  • Grows cash value that can be borrowed against rather than going to the bank
  • Can be used as a retirement supplement

Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance

  • Flexible Premiums
    • you can set your monthly payment based on your finances
  • Cash Buildup
    • your premiums accumulate and grow, and are paid out when you die
  • Extra Protection
    • you can add a rider to your policy for long term care or to cover children

Employee Benefits

Why use our firm

  • Independent - We offer a multiple-carrier approach, not one-size-fits-all. 
  • We refuse to outsource - we take ownership of EVERYTHING from enrollment to claims/service in-house. "The buck stops here!"
  • An informational approach - absolutely no scare tactics or overselling!
  • A complete picture - By taking the time to understand your current benefits, inside and out, we take a customized approach to filling gaps with no overlap of benefits.