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Gerri Meverden

Gerri Meverden

Executive Director

Gerri decided to begin her financial career after managing her husband’s Chiropractic Office for 27 years and raising three kids. As a small business owner she found that many financial questions were not being answered. The only affordable advisor, at the time, was her year-end tax consultant. Once requesting a .75 cent correction and being charged $200, it was obvious that if she was ever going to create wealth for her family, she needed to learn more.

Gerri has now worked in this industry for 20 years and has found that what she learned is transferrable to her clients. Teaching them in an easy to understand way, holistically attending to their individual needs and planning for retirement, insurance needs, long-term care needs and legacy transfer is now all she does. As her children and grandchildren, their friends and families need these services, she is so grateful to have the knowledge to transfer.

Her philosophy:  "In many of our lives, there comes a time when we think of the future. This is my future. Sharing what I’ve learned. Teaching, mentoring and advocating for others is the way that I will move into the future and leave my legacy."